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Wine Tours Full of Discovery.

What is past, is future.

Our Story

I've carefully curated a fantastic group of vineyards for you to explore, unearthing varieties with a glorious past, that may have slipped from the mind of the current wine drinker. Charging their way back on to the scene, the winemakers are eager to share their stories with you.

Each of the countries we visit has a huge range of wines, and other delicious treats to share with you - olive oils, cheeses, honey, and more, all expressing the landscapes on which they are made. Exploring a place through its wine and food provides an intimate insight into the very spirit of the land and the people.


Tours sometimes seem to want to rush you through a country, ticking off all the famous sites perhaps, but not allowing you to know the soul of the place. I wanted to do things differently and introduce you to them properly - to their wine, to their food, to their culture, putting the present into context.

Hesitant about tours? Perhaps the prospect of sitting on a hot coach with 30 other people being flung around a country, barely having time to unpack before being whisked on to the next hotel, and all done with the personality and intimacy of a military campaign, is unappealing? Yeah, that's not how I like to travel either. I offer a service for those who want someone else to plan the logistics, who want to maintain a level of comfort and style, and then just enjoy the adventure. Small, luxury people carriers, allow us to explore hidden gems, up country lanes that big coaches can't reach, with enough room to stash any purchases made. These family-owned boutique wineries will often have the winemaker themselves showing you around, but a personal, English speaking guide will always accompany you too.

Let me plan your next trip and you will be able to taste amazing wines, explore beautiful countryside, and return home with a love for the people.

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

We tasted the wine. We ate the food. We know where to take you, and a local guide will accompany you every step of the way.

Handpicked Adventures

Whether it's a group tour or a bespoke adventure, we make sure everything is striving to impress.

Hidden Gem Destinations

We did the research so you don't have to. Relax and let us take you to all the best places.

Wine regions of Croatia

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Uncover forgotten wines.

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